Your Student Pad

Through the joys that are student life most of us can only hope to occupy a room with four walls, a fully functioning door and some form of food spattered, unidentified body hair ridden floor material (something which used to be carpet…..probably). It’ll be the kind of place which gave Kim & Agie their big break or where Barry Scott’s dreams go to die.

Hygiene aside here are a few tips to make the most of those small student rooms.

• Colour! Light and bright makes everything alright. Dark colours soak up light while bright colours reflect and feel fresh and clean(er).

• Mirrors are a must but not the small compact sized rubbish that requires you sway from left to right while trying to put on your makeup. Big long mirrors are best, again for reflecting light and giving the illusion of size.

• Clutter is to be avoided at all costs. No tiny pictures of everyone you know or who bumped into you once or who queued with you into Slane castle that time the Red Hot chilli peppers were playing. One large pic of your cocker spaniel will do!

• A minimum of furniture also. Go for spindly type stuff with long legs so you can see the spaces around and underneath. Better still take up pole dancing and just have one of those.

• Try to keep the passage into the room as clear as possible. If not for the aesthetics then self preservation. You will be drunk some night and you will crack your knee on the pigmy-carp aquarium.

• Finally try not to have too many focus points e.g. bed / tv / desk. This may present some difficult decisions like sleep or study, Judge Judy or James Joyce.