Year out in Canada ?

Planning on taking a summer or even a year out in Canada. Get the basics of renting right here!

Canada is unsurprisingly quite like renting in the USA. Many properties are unfurnished with many apartments (or condominiums) having communal laundry and garbage facilities. Needless to say you will have to view and check these things in advance.

The prices vary but between 800 and 1200 euro is a good guide for decent accommodation.

The requirements of tenants can be a little more than here in Ireland. A usual contract is for a year, and you will need previous landlord references and maybe an employer’s letter and a credit reference. You may also need a SIN (social insurance number). Generally the first and last months rent is paid upfront however you may be asked for 12 post dated cheques in respect of each month under the contract.


Bachelor unit = bedsit

Row house = town house / terraced

Single family detached = detached property w/ one dwelling unit

Stacked = where 2 top floors of a house are separately rented

Triplex = house divided into three units

Websites are the way to go for finding rental properties such as

-also check out-