Top Tips for Student Festival Camping


When heading away for big festival camping events, students need to know what to bring. And we mean more than spare clothes, wellington boots and plenty of booze!

If you are heading away for a big festival camping trip, then here are some suggestions for the kind of items you’ll likely need to get the full level of enjoyment.

Pack Light. The vast majority of festivals will mean you are walking a fair distance from drop-off and parking points. This means that unless you want to feel like you are on a military weekend you should avoid bringing too much. Get as much as you can into as few cases/sacks as possible and take that with you. Going overboard is going to be multiple trips, meaning a good part of your first day will be wasted just setting up and starting.

Be Prepared. Weather forecast tell you it’s going to be spotless, sunny skies? Don’t take the risk. Everyone has a story of being caught in a field, in a monsoon, in shorts and t-shirt. Don’t allow yourself to be that person who has to leave with hypothermia! Pack at least one waterproof or buy a poncho from one of the many, many locations selling one on the premises.

Pitch Accordingly. Going to be spending most of your time around the rock gigs? Then get yourself stationed as near to it as possible. You want to make your trips as easy as possible and this means pitching up properly. Pitching yourself in with all the EDM-heads is not a good idea if you are here to see something different. Make sure you pitch up that tent somewhere where you know that people would be able to find you and also so you can move freely.

Bring a Cheap Phone. Never bring a smartphone or a contract phone with you. You can get cheap cameras and mobile phones for a small amount of dollars today. Bring these with you – if you lose them it’s far less upsetting than knowing you’ve lost your contact and your means of documenting your festival.

Get Landmarks. After a heavy session and going back to your tent in a bit of a state at night, you’ll likely notice how hard it is to find your tent. Before long you wind up sleeping in some random tent! To avoid this, get a landmark and make it the obvious point for where your tent is. Whether you use a landmark in the festival or you make one that can be seen from a distance is up to you.

Follow Rules. Lastly, make sure you don’t bring anything you aren’t supposed to like BBQs and the like. Rules are pretty clear on websites so make sure you adhere to them – you don’t want your weekend stopped on the Friday because you refused to listen.

So, with all of this in mind, you should now be able to understand how to best look after yourself when arriving at a festival. Most importantly, though, remember to have fun!

Article provided by Geared4Camping to help give some insights into the student camping world.

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