The International Student Identity Card

student-cardIf you are a student who loves discounts and are looking to enjoying a myriad of benefits including some free offers, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is just what you need. The internationally recognized card is only issuable to genuine bona fide students with proof of enrollment in an educational institution from almost any part of the world. Currently, students from around 130 countries can successfully apply and receive the ISIC in not more than three weeks. Students as young as 12 years can enroll and start enjoying the benefits in both online and offline shops. The nonprofit entity behind the card is truly geared towards making student life cheap, easy, and enjoyable.

Do credible organizations approve of the card? Yes they do. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has supported and endorsed the card for over 40 years now. Universities, student unions, academic institutions, financial institutions, ministries of education, and governments have also endorsed the card throughout the years. In 2013, the United Nations World Tourism Organization appointed the ISIC Association as an affiliate member. Other renown organization that support this card and its founding organization include the World Savings Banks Institute, the European Students’ Union, and the Community of Andean Nations, just to name a few. All these endorsements and recommendations from reputable organizations and governments around the globe are reasons enough why one should consider applying for the International Student Identity Card.

Today, ISIC can be combined with university or bank cards, making it even more valuable than it already is. One can immediately see that the major aim behind the formation of this card is to provide students with services to overlapping or common markets. Over 800 universities and 100 banks have formed mergers between their cards and the International Student Identity Card. For that reason, the International Student Identity Card can allow students to access low prices and full year benefits, over 160,000 discounts, discounts in travel and airfare, travel insurance plans, emergency help any time of the day, and international phone cards. What is more, the full year subscription of an International Students Identity Card comes with four additional months making it valid for 16 months.

Just from its name, the International Student Identity Card takes the plight suffered by many international students into consideration. That is why international students are given access to free online courses that can help them improve their English as they go through their education. On issuance, the card holder can access the International TEFL Academy and IELTS practice tests either freely or with great discounts. These sites are designed to help students improve their English through rigorous courses and practice tests.

There is really no harm in getting an International Student Identity Card, and students can start saving by applying one through the International Student Identity Card Association’s website. What is more, benefits can be explored through the mobile app that is accessible through Android and IPhone platforms. Imagine being able to access accommodation, entertainment, travel, study, and a multitude of other benefits from one simple card. The ISIC is simply amazing.