Student Renting in Australia

If it’s not our self, we all know at least one person who has made the big trip to down under. And of course renting is the only ay to go, so here are the basics. Pass em on to anyone who might benefit!

Very like Ireland in many ways, various prices (although rising at the moment) relative to types of houses and areas. Fixed and monthly (periodic) contracts are the norm and rents cannot be increased during the term unless the contact allow. Notice of a rental increase must be given between 14 and 90 days before, depending on how long you have rented the same property. Rents may be reviewed by a tribunal and every state regulates its own area.

Rent in advance and a “rental bond” (security deposit) are usually required at the outset, this can be retained for damage, arrears or bills. If you find the house through an agent you must pay his fee of, usually, a week. Be prepared to compete for properties as the market is undersupplied.

You will be asked to provide a number of documents;

• Verification of employment

• Reference from employer + 3 personal references

• References from previous Australian landlord (if poss)

• Last utility bill/address

• Copy of bank statement

• Registration number of vehicle (if applicable)

Of course some landlords may not be so thorough but it is possible to have these prepared before you leave, maybe in a email, and print out over there.