Student Leap Card

Student Leap Card is a reusable plastic smart card that takes place of paper tickets and is designed for students in full-time education to pay-as-you-go for public transport services when travelling around Dublin, Cork and Galway. The card allows students to save up to 50% on Irish transportation system in addition to dozens of discounts on leading brands and products nationwide.

The card is used in two distinct ways:

  • As an ID with which students can purchase special student tickets for major public transportation providers in the Republic of Ireland, or
  • To pay-as-you-go on Commuter rail, Dublin Bus, DART, and Luas in the Dublin area


Eligibility For Student Leap Card

Full-time students can purchase a card at over 400 Leap Card agent shops throughout Dublin, or online at Most cards need to be personalized, and for this reason students may have to download and fill an application form. Alternatively, the forms are available at Dublin Bus, Student Unions, and youth information centers.

To prevent a situation where a card is stolen for the purpose of using existing Travel Credit, it is recommended that all card holders register their cards by visiting the website. Advantages of using a registered Leap Card are:

  • No need to fill a form online when Topping Up the card
  • Users can view card history
  • Multiple cards can be managed online
  • The auto Top-Up function is made available for use on registered cards

How To Pay For The Card

There are six methods of payment currently acceptable:

  • Cheque
  • Credit
  • Postal Order
  • Cash
  • AIB Voucher- Limited period
  • Bank Draft


Benefits of Student Leap Card

In addition to cutting transportation costs for students aged 4-18 years, it also allows trainee chartered accountants, solicitors from the Law Society, FAS and PLC students. An adult card is needed for individuals aged over 19.

Retail Discounts With Student Leap Card

All cardholders can take advantage of hundreds of discounts on leading brands all over the country. Some of the most renowned brands include:

  • Costa Coffee- Up to 10% off {for SLC cardholders only}
  • McDonald’s medium extra value meal {for SLC cardholders only}
  • Vodafone- Up to 10% on accessories
  • Up to 25% on select services
  • TMB – Up to 10% off on travel products and vaccines
  • Discounted Rugby Matches
  • GAA Discount Tickets
  • Boots Pharmacies- Up to 10% on select items {for SLC cardholders only}



Student Leap Cards save students a considerable amount of money every year on account of the discounts availed by partner companies and brands. It is a hassle-free way to travel in and around major cities, and also for students who need to make occasional long-distance trips.

Visit the website to join them and get some great discounts –