iConnect Student Card

iConnect Student Card is a dedicated discount card for students.

There are a massive range of discounts available with the iConnect card who have arranged deals and discounts with major retailers like Converse, Peter Mark, Compub and New Look.. It is seen as an upgrade from the previous ISSU Card.

It is absolutely a no brainer when deciding to get one of these cards. It only costs €13 with the added benefit of a proportion of the revenue being put back into a fund for students themselves.

Thinking of things to do on your mid-term break? Why not go to some of your favourite stores such as Topshop or New look? Why not eat at McDonalds or Little Ass Burito bar? Or maybe go karting and watch movies? Or maybe go shopping at Aldos or Skechers? Want to have fun yet worrying about your savings?
Students pay great attention, time and effort to their daily scholarly routines but do their hardships pay off? In the long run, yes. But what happens in the short run? Students allot three fourths of their time and energy studying. Whats left for themselves? Privileges such as a great deal of discount helps students have fun yet save up. Students have capable privileged consumer status.

They’re entitled for exceptional student pricing nobody else but their selves can get on almost everything from educational purposes to clothes and accessories to restaurants and food chains. Problem is, traders aren’t always conscious of this said privileges. Dont worry about your budget. No need to go online just to acquire discounted products. Being a student is no sin, so is having the privilege of student discounts. Asking for your discount wont make you less of a good citizen.

While neither is fun or easy, you can become smarter about the way you spend your money. Keep in mind that the means to pecuniary success is being aware of how youre spending your money. Also, know that there is a difference between being cheap and being smart. We bring you, the iConnect student card!

The iConnect Card is Bigger, Brighter and better than the old ISSU Scholar Card. Greater discounts means greater savings. The only dedicated Second-Level Student ID and Discount Card brought to you by YouthConnect and the ISSU opens your mind to a whole world of discounts and the opportunity to explore the endless savings. It offers vast range of possibilities using your iConnect student card.

YouthConnect always thinks about the issues concerning students and young people and with that in mind, they have designed this programme specially for you. It has been developed by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions in partnership with the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union to inform students about their rights as students and workers. It’s all about YOU! Now you can say its the best thing about being a student, (well, aside from actually learning and building yourself up as a person) DISCOUNTS!

Enjoy perks and quality services as your hard work as a student pays off for you with your iConnect student card. The iConnect Student Card is valid until 31st December 2015 and offers a range of fantastic discounts. Isnt that just great? So with all the brilliant discounts on offer, getting a hold of an iConnect Card will give you massive savings! Get the most out of your money. Enjoy. Spend. Discount. Save! iConnect.

.Find out more at www.studentcard.ie