Drones Are Students New Favourite Gadget

student-dronesDrones have become the new favourite gadget for many photography students. The remote control devices which can fly up to several hundred feet in the air and in some cases up to a half a mile in distance allows students to capture spectacular aerial photos and video footage. You can learn how to fly a drone easily enough with some practice. There are also many options to choose from when it comes to picking your quadcopter as they are also known as.

Many industries like the media, professional photographers, videographers and those in the agricultural community have embraced the age of the drones and are using them to their advantage in the respective industries. Accessing difficult to get to areas which would traditionally need a helicopter is now in reach and has reduced the cost barriers usually associated with aerial photography.

Quadcopters are fast becoming one of the fastest selling and most popular products on the market with mini drones being favoured by those just looking for a bit of fun and the larger drones for sale in the UK and Ireland which are more advanced being snapped up by more serious hobbyists and professionals.

Students in the video and photography fields have quickly caught on to the potential use of these devices and have begun to use them. Expect to see more main stream media coverage in the near future of quadcopter coverage in movies and TV shows as well as more footage from students using their drones with gopro cameras,